Don’t make it too complicated. The most important thing is to have fun, it’s a birthday party after all!

You don’t need to buy lots of expensive new stuff. Use what you have and you’ll be surprised how much you can do with it! Here are some party ideas you can bring to life with things you have around the house:

  1. Print out images of things like molecules, periodic table, hazard signs etc. and hang them around the house
  2. If you have long glasses or jars, find some cordial, soft drink or food dye and pour different colour liquid into them. You can drop toys in as “specimens”, such as rubber insects, plastic animals, lego characters etc. and place your experimental jars around the party area.
  3. Play around with balloons to science them up. You can put a few together to make a cool cluster, or even draw on them with textas to make a molecule out of them.
  4. If making individual jelly cups, drop a worm in, a gummy bear or some other cool lolly. This will give the jelly an “experimental” look, which is sure to please your junior scientists.
  5. You can do crazy hairstyles on yourself and the birthday kids, and maybe even the guests too. Make yourself look like crazy scientists!
  6. Have a dig and find some cool spiky and creepy toys, eg. squishy balls, insects, rockets, doctors sets and robots and hang those around the birthday party area.
  7. You can put duck tape, danger or caution tape around the house to “block access” to rooms you don’t want the kids to go into. Or just use it to decorate.
  8. You can play around with the birthday party food and whether you’re making cake at home or ordering one, you can do some science decorations on it such as test tubes, beakers, the periodic table, or even space and planets.

Scientwist Presenter