A total science curriculum solution.

Let us help you tick off your curriculum and get your students excited about science.

Bite sized shows as a tune-in activity for curriculum topics. We provide demonstrations and clear, accurate explanations of the subject matter as well as guide you through a hands-on experiment with easily found at home resources.

Then it’s your turn to take over and do the fun part. Detailed Lesson Plans including curriculum links, list of easy to find resources and experiment method are all included.

These packages work equally well for in class or remote learning.

Chemical Reactions

Create, predict and observe chemical reactions with this fun large-scale oozing foam snake and have fun with a cool kitchen chemistry experiment. Students are encouraged to make their own observations and reflect on their findings.

Material Properties

Discover thermoplastics and polymers and see how they are used for different purposes. Experiment with plastic bags to discover a surprise outcome. This open-ended experimenting technique allows students to become skilled

Recycling and Separating Plastics

Learn about density and how we recycle plastics according to what they are made of. Students complete a tricky challenge using everyday basics.

States of Matter

See changes of state in different materials and understand how the changes are affected by temperature. Experiment with properties of liquids and surface tension.

Push and Pull

Discussion on contact and non-contact pushes and pull forces. Make some predictions about magnetism and meet Vinnie, our van de Graff generator. Experiment with small and large forces, making predictions and conducting student led activities.

Other topics in development

  • Bend Me Shape Me
  • Mix and Combine
  • Properties of Gases
  • Waterproofing Penguins
Need more help? Just ask us about interactive livestream labs - where we do all the work for you.