About Us

Here at TwistED Science we thrive on curiosity, how things come to be, how they work, move and feel! Through interaction with our exhibits, shows and workshops you can explore the all the fun of science through play. We invite you to create, wonder and discover.

WHAT is TWISTED Science?

Here at TwistED Science we thrive on curiosity, how things come to be, how they work, move and feel! Through interaction with our exhibits you can explore all the fun of science through play.

 Our exhibits invite interaction with friendly materials, colour, design and space. 

The emphasis is on fun! They ensure every person of every age, ability and culture can be included.

 We love science and our passion has brought you the best of all we know in one space for you to explore and share. This is a place for query, wonder, action and contemplation.

 We are very proud of what we have built for you. Come and visit, we would love to show you around!

Our History

TwistED Science began life as “The Scientwists” in 2006. At the beginning it was only travelling workshops. Operating from Echuca, Victoria; The Scientwists was a way to bring hands-on science to country schools that didn’t have science programs.

We began travelling science parties in 2009. Due to popularity of our science parties we opened a Melbourne branch in 2010.

From 2010 to 2014 we were travelling only. We opened our regional science centre, TwistED, in 2015.

We changed our name from The Scientwists to TwistED Science in 2016.

Planning for a new site in Moorabbin began in 2019. After battling it out with lockdowns due to Covid, the new site opened in November 2021 to critical acclaim. Feedback has been incredibly positive and we are very much looking forward to what the future holds for TwistED Science!

Letter from the Founder – Kathy Stubberfield

8th May 2020

My passion for science began from a very early age. Living in the bush, nature was my playground. After secondary school, I continued to feed my passion for science through the study of a Bachelor of Applied Science. Regional Victoria became my home and, together with my husband, we raised 4 children in Echuca.

With my background in science and 4 young children to raise, I realised how much I loved teaching them the basics of science. Once they started to leave the nest, I ventured back in to the workforce as a lab technician at a secondary school.

Life as a lab technician was fantastic, it was rewarding and never dull.  Testing the equipment, setting up for experiments, and helping out in the classroom became my normal. It was always obvious that the hands-on experimenting was where the students excelled!

While working as a lab tech, I met Robyn and Lana who became my future business partners. Together we decided to bring our passion for hands-on science to primary schools and started The Scientwists (the original name of TwistED Science). The Scientwists was born in 2006!

We realised very early that Regional schools did not always have the resources and expertise that was more often found in Metropolitan schools and there was a real need for a supporting role in science for primary teachers. We travelled many hours through very remote areas of Victorian and NSW to deliver curriculum based workshops and to present our own style of Science Shows. We shared lots of adventures, both good and bad, and laughed alot!

Lana however, soon moved on to different projects. Robyn semi-retired in 2015 but is still working at TwistED Science part-time and continues to be my confidant and friend.

In 2015 I decided to take the HUGE step and open a science centre in Echuca called TwistED and in 2016 The Scientwists was renamed TwistED Science.

The TwistED science centre was the culmination of everything I had learnt in science education, working with children and teachers and seeing a need.

It was to be super hands-on and although appearing somewhat simple in nature, each exhibit would have the ability to be used in a number of ways on a number of levels. Everyone should be able to play with every exhibit at TwistED. There should be no barrier of age, or ability or culture. Instructions should not be needed and it should be fun and inclusive.

I think this philosophy is the crux of why TwistED is just a little bit different. TwistED challenges visitors of all ages to play and to share their play with others around them. I do not expect that any two people will have the same experience.

I would like to thank the countless people who have helped me get this far in the TwistED Science journey.

After the success of TwistED in Echuca, I am excited to be developing a new centre in Melbourne. Taking the best of what I have learnt in Echuca and expanding my little company is an adventure I am looking forward to. I am also looking forward to spending more time with my son, Ben, as we team up to take TwistED Science to the next level.


Kathy Stubberfield