Incursions and online sessions

Whether you would like us to visit your school in person or with an online session via the web, we would love to help engage your kids and show them how amazing science can be!

Science shows, curriculum based workshops and hands-on session just for fun, we have all types of sessions that we can bring to your school. Our learning workshops are based on ACARA curriculum codes so you know what the kids are learning is relevant too.

Live-streamed Sessions

We are so excited to bring you our new live-streamed sessions. Not only do you get an awesome science Presenter, we also have a Tech Guru monitoring the hardware and another Scientwist moderating the chat and helping to answer questions.

We have engaging science show sessions for watching remotely, as well as hands-on sessions where kids can follow along with the experiments we are doing. We let you know the equipment needed for each participant beforehand and then you follow along with us on the day.

It’s super fun science to share in a safe and secure setting!

Post-it Packs

Baggy Slime Everything Classroom Pack

We’ll mail you the pack and then all you need to do is book in your live-streamed workshop at a time that suits you!


  •  A Live-stream Scientwist Presentation
  •  Moderated chat line for Q&A during the presentation
  •  Equipment and chemicals for 30 students
  •  Simple instructions for the classroom teacher to complete the 5 minutes of required preparation before the workshop begins - Just add water

Top- up Packs

Optional top-up packs are available for additional classes to repeat the experiments.