Our Team

Our team has a passion for science and a desire to showcase science in a new and creative way. 

Meet Our Awesome Twisted Team



Kathy is the founder and managing Director of TwistED Science. With a background in applied science and experience as a school lab technician, Kathy is the creative driving force behind TwistED Science. She has many responsibilities as the managing director but you will sometimes still see her chatting with visitors on the floor in Echuca

Playzone Manager


Mitch has a background in physics and statistics and a love of technology.  You will see him supervising the floor staff in Echuca, running birthday parties, and fixing technology-based exhibits and office equipment. Mitch is a key part of the Echuca team and he is always up for a friendly chat so say hi next time you visit TwistED in Echuca.”

Operations Manager


Laura has a background in Bio-technology and a Masters in Cheese making! She also has a Masters degree in Enterprise making her a science and business all-rounder. Laura runs the day-to-day at TwistED Science in Echuca as well as all the TwistED Science social media content. Laura is the one to talk to for school bookings, Echuca business partnerships and marketing



Ben has a background in science and business and is the General Manager of the Melbourne  branch of TwistED Science. When not in the office, Ben can be found presenting science shows and workshops on the road and online. You can see Ben presenting science on the TwistED Science Youtube channel and Facebook page.

Our Team has Expanded

Opening our brand new centre in Moorabbin means more amazing staff! We will be updating this page with our incredible Moorabbin team soon so stay tuned...

The management team are nothing without our amazing presenters, floor staff and support staff. These are the awesome people that are out there showing you how an exhibit works, teaching you about our animals and presenting our parties and workshops. Their backgrounds and experience varies, but the thing they all share is their passion for science and science communication. 

They are a friendly bunch and make sure you say hi the next time you visit a centre or attend a science show!