School Excursions

We love education and have special packages and prices for schools, kinders, and home-school groups. Visit us with your group for an amazing, hands-on science experience. 


We would love to have you visit

We love having schools visit us at Twisted Science and schools love visiting us too! Word of mouth is spreading because TwistED Science is getting busier and busier! 

Our most popular program is a 2 hour visit. It includes a 60 minute explore in our award winning hands-on exhibit floor areas as well as one of our fantastic 60 minute hands-on workshops. 

Contact us for prices and packages and we’ll help make a package that works perfectly for you!

our incredible curriculum based workshops

Schools keep coming back every year to take part in our super-fun and educational hands-on workshops. They are 60 minute sessions where we explain curriculum based topics in an exciting and easy to understand way. We use a lot of fantastic science equipment like test tubes, pipettes syringes, spatulas and more so kids get a real feel for practical science.

We are very proud of our hands-on workshops and we are also very proud of the amazing feedback we get. We love bringing hands-on science to the world. Thanks for the kind words everyone!

For more information about everything including entry to TwistED, science parties, school programs and special events, please contact us.


TwistED Science is a science communication and education company that builds and runs science centres, delivers curriculum based hands-on workshops, hosts science parties, and presents science shows and activity stations at large events. We aim to share our love of STEAM with the world while showing kids how much fun it can be!

Our founder, Kathy Stubberfield, started TwistED Science as a way to share her passion for science with schools in Northern Victoria and Southern NSW. Soon after, TwistED Science (then called The Scientwists) started delivering science parties and eventually opened it's first Science Centre in Kathy's hometown, Echuca, Victoria. Kathy still runs TwistED Science and is tireless in her enthusiasm for igniting curiosity and excitement in STEAM.

Yes absolutely! We have discounted pricing for schools, kinders and homeschool groups and we have curriculum based, hands-on workshops and shows to help you tick off the trickier parts of your curriculum. Our workshops are primarily based around the primary curriculum but we also have some for pre-school groups and high schools so please ask us! Please take a look at our education pages for more information.

Yes absolutely! We have been doing science parties for over a decade and we have many different options including parties at our science centres and travelling parties at your place. Please check our party pages for more details.

Many people think of TwistED Science centres and activities as "for kids" and while we do focus primarily on primary school aged kids and their families, we pride ourselves on delivering something for all ages, from 0 - 105. We love it when adult groups come in without any kids and it's always amazing to see grandparents having just as much fun as their grandchildren. Our workshops and shows often delight adults just as much as kids (I mean who doesn't like explosions) and many mums and dads have spent hours building the perfect paper flying machine or rocket while the kids are off doing something else.

TwistED Science is really for anyone who is curious, creative and playful and while kids are probably a little better at playing than adults these days, we should remember Albert Einstein's quote, "Play is the highest form of research".

TwistED Science centres aren't really science museums because science museums are usually government funded and have an emphasis on reading and listening. In contrast, every station at a Twisted Science centre is designed to be touched, moved and played with. Our no-instructions policy (yes I know we do have a few helpful hints around the place) keeps words to a minimum and brings down barriers so visitors of all cultures, abilities and backgrounds can be included. TwistED Science is a place to experiment, explore, try things out and play!

We LOVE playing at TwistED Science and we believe playing is a vital part of creativity, inspiration and even the scientific method. We don't describe ourselves as a playcentre because when most people think of playcentres they think of indoor playgrounds, only suitable for pre-school aged kids. Traditional playcentres are designed for parents to sit and have a coffee while their children play - playcentres aren't designed for adults to join in. This is not at all like TwistED Science centres. Everything is designed to be just as engaging for adults as it is for kids. Some are surprised to know that we have adult groups and corporate groups coming in without kids. So while we love playing and we are a centre where visitors are invited to play with awesome science stuff, we don't call ourselves a playcentre.

TwistED Science is a private company and does not receive extra government funding. All of our amazing staff and fascinating exhibits are paid for with revenue from ticket and event sales so thank you very much for supporting us!

While the two sites share some exhibits, there are quite a lot of differences between Echuca and Moorabbin. Echuca has the augmented reality climbing wall and the spinning table while Moorabbin has the bubble room and the paper rocket launcher. Moorabbin is bigger but Echuca is the much loved original TwistED Science. If you've only been to one and you have a chance to visit the other you should see the differences and similarities for yourself!