Science Parties at Moorabbin

Give your child a very special birthday with TwistED Science parties. With so many options for hands-on science excitement, our parties have something for everyone! Please contact us for more information and to book your preferred date.

explore parties and lab parties

We have two amazing packages for parties at Moorabbin, the Explore Party and the Lab Party.

Both parties run for two hours and 15 mins full of action packed science adventure. Both parties also feature your own designated party host, a private room for the duration, access to blue and green, and a snack of popcorn (popped straight from the cob!) and fruit juice (or water).

Explore Party - $46 per head (min. 12)

The Explore party is a fantastic option for exploring blue and green while having your own private room upstairs. 

The Explore party includes:

  • Access to blue and green
  • Your own private party room
  • Your own party host who stays with the children for the duration of the party
  • A serve of our amazing popcorn, sourced straight from Victorian farms and popped daily in our snack lab
  • A juice Pop Top for each child
  • Free entry for parents of guests in to blue and green
  • Downloadable invitations

How it runs (9:45am start time example)

  • 9:45am - All guests should be at TwistED Science, at 9:45am to check-in.
  • 10am - Your party host will take you upstairs to your party room to leave gifts and bags
  • 10:15am -11:30am - Time to head down to blue and green with your party host
  • 11:30am - Head back upstairs for snacks (or meal) and cake
  • 12pm - Home time

Lab Party $59 per head (min. 12)

Recommended for ages 5+

All the fun of an Explore party PLUS a 20 min lab experiment that you can take home at the end of the day!

Choose from these 5 incredible experiments all including take home creations!

  • polymer strings (borax free) - ages 7 - 12
  • bubbleology - ages 5 - 9
  • get slimed - ages 6 - 12
  • lava lamps - ages 5 - 11
  • fizzy bath bombs - ages 9 - 12 (40 minute lab)

How it runs (9:45am start time example)

  • 9:45am - All guests should arrive at TwistED Science, Moorabbin to check in.
  • 10am - Your party host will take you upstairs to your party room to leave gifts and bags
  • 10:05am -10:30am - Complete your chosen experiment (Note - Bath bombs is a 40 min experiment and will run until 10:45am)
  • 10:30am - 11:30am - Time to head down to blue and green with your party host
  • 11:30am - Head back upstairs for snacks (or meal) and cake
  • 12pm - Home time

lab party experiments


Polymer Strings (Borax Free)

Recommended Ages 7 y.o. – 12 y.o.

Polymer string making using pipettes, syringes and test tubes. The polymer strings are made by combining a sodium alginate solution (that we make ourselves) with a calcium chloride solution. Who can make the longest strings? Can you make multi-coloured strings?



Recommended Ages 5 y.o.- 9 y.o.

Let's make a bubbleator! This is a take-home bubble making machine made from easy to find household items that can make a huge tower of tiny bubbles.

Social Distancing parties at your place

Get Slimed

Recommended Ages 6 y.o. – 12 y.o.

The best slime making you’ve ever seen using pipettes syringes and test tubes. Slime comes in a variety of versions for you to choose. We use amazing dissolving PVA bags for our slime.

Slime making is always a hit.


Lava Lamps

Recommended Ages 5 y.o.- 11 y.o.

Choose your groovy lamp colour, add the oil and the bubble activating tablet to get the chemical reaction under way. Watch as the gas draws the coloured liquid to the top of the tube and drops it back again to start the whole process over again. Looks amazing!


Fizzy Bath Bombs

Recommended Ages 9 y.o – 12 y.o

Mix sodium bicarbonate with citric acid to give that famous bath time fizz! Now to make it really fun, add water, essential oils and your choice of colours to make your bath bomb look and smell incredible!

**Please note that bath bombs is a 40 min lab

Book your child's science party in Moorabbin today with TwistED Science!

Keeping you COVIDsafe

For Lab Parties

Every party guest gets their own clean set of equipment, including a fresh labcoat and safety glasses. Shared resources will be kept to a minimum, and everyone still gets to take their creations home!

For all Parties

We supply sanitiser to every guest, including adults, and ask that everyone uses it before starting. There are sanitiser stations at the entrance as well as dotted throughout TwistED.

High ceilings, large roller doors, evaporative cooling and fresh air supply mean there is plenty of clean air flowing through blue, green & tangerine.

We have air purifiers in our party rooms to keep the air clean and fresh.

We will do our best to maintain a safe distance between our party host and guests, but keep the fun level to the max! Get ready for the BEST. PARTY. EVER!

Only $9.95 each

Lab Rats Party Bags

We’ve taken away the sugar hit but kept all the fun so you can hand out a great take-home goody bag that won’t drive parents mad. Packed full of activities and science, they get the tick of approval from grownups everywhere!

What’s Inside?

  • Diffraction Grating Glasses. Check out the lights in your house- you might be surprised!
  • An amazing Crystal Garden
  • 1 x Test tube
  • 2 x Pipettes
  • A slinky
  • A serve of sherbet and instructions for making your own
  • A Science Puzzle sheet plus pencils
  • All in a Colourful Party Bag

Contents may vary

Party Boxes

Popcorn and a juice pop-top for each child come with both our party packages (Explore and Lab Parties) but you can also upgrade to a party feast box for each child!

Party Feast - $16.50 per head

An individually packaged, science themed feast for all your party guests.

The party feast includes: a serve of popcorn, a juice pop top, a smarty cookie, a piece of fruit, a petri dish jelly, a sausage roll, and a party pie.

Please note - Party food options must be booked 10 days before your party and vegetarian and gluten free options are available so please ask.

Party Share Plates

Party share plates are another great option for food at the end of your party. They come in the following varieties:

  • Seasonal Fruit share plate - $19.90 (serves approx. 10)

  • 12 x Mini Aussie beef pies - $29.90

  • 12 x Mini Sausage Rolls - $29.90

  • 12 x Mini Cauliflower and Cheese Pies - $32.90

  • Sandwich share plate - $14.90 (12 pieces)

    • Hummus sandwich quarters
    • Ham and cheese sandwich quarters
    • Vegemite sandwich quarters
  • Fairy bread share plate - $14.90 (serves approx. 8-10)

Please note - Party food options must be booked 10 days before your party and vegetarian and gluten free options are available so please ask.

Party Platters

Don't let the adults miss out on delicious treats at your child's birthday party! We have party platters for aduts too! The adults can sit with a coffee and a snack down in the cafe while the kids make their experiements upstairs. Party platters come in 2 varieties:

  1. Savoury Platter (12 x Sandwich Triangles and 12 x Mini Pastries) - $74.90
  2. Mini Slices Platter - $39.90

Platters are a great way to keep all the adults entertained at your science party. You can also start a tab for coffees at the cafe if you choose to.

Party platters must be booked 10 days before your party and are served at the start of your party for the attending adults. If you would like share plates for the kids, please look at our share plate options.


mini slices platter

New Savoury Platter

Savoury platter

Why choose us?

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Passionate Science Expert

Our team loves science and science communication and we are excited whenever we get to show others just how much fun it can be. Let us inspire you!

Social Distancing parties at your place

we bring the fun factor!

Sometimes people forget how much fun science really is. Getting creative, messy and loud is all part of being a great junior scientist!


Customer Service

We want your child’s special day to be AMAZiNG and do everything we can to make it that way. Put your feet up and let us do all the work!

Download your own invitation here!

Choose your invitation, fill, sign, send and come together to your own party! Easy!

Moorabbin Party FAQs

Both Lab parties and Explore parties go for 2 hrs and 15 mins.

Travelling parties were a big part of Twisted Science in our early days but unfortunately we don't do them any longer. We now concentrate on what we do best, making sure all visitors have an amazing time when they come to one of our TwistED Science centres!

We have a minimum of 12 for our Lab parties and Explore parties. If you would like to book for a smaller group you can, but the minimum price is for 12.

We recommend keeping your party at 30 children or below but if you want to go bigger, please contact us for options and we will put together an incredible custom package just for you!

Yes you can! You can book out either Echuca or Moorabbin for a large event so you can have the whole place to yourself 🙂 If you would like to book the entire venue please contact us early as we will need to block out the day to other visitors.

Absolutely! Parties are designed with fun as the primary objective. We have school sessions that are based around learning and the curriculum but our parties are all about fun!

Yes our parties are extremely safe! We have had years of experience and conducted thousands of kids parties. We know which chemicals are safe for kids and which aren’t and we make sure the kids take safety precautions while experimenting. We conduct regular risk assessments on all our experiments as well as our exhibit floor area to ensure our customers and staff are as safe as possible.

Don't worry, just book the expected minimum and we can adjust numbers up to a week before the party. We finalise payment and numbers a week before the party so we have time to get everything ready for your big day.

A deposit is required to lock in your time and date and then payment is finalised a week before the party.

We recommend Explore parties for groups with children under 5. Both Lab parties and Explore parties are great for ages 5 and up. Our Lab parties are designed primarily for 5 - 12 year olds, depending on the experiment difficulty but older children and adults can always book a party without kids for something different. TwistED really is an all ages activity. 

Unfortunately not. Due to potential food allergies and cleaning issues we don't allow outside food for parties. There is one exception, the cake!

You are welcome to bring your own cake in for your party. We have a café on site that can provide party food for guests. Choose from our amazing Party Feast boxes and share plates. We can even organise party platters for parents of guests!

Yes absolutely! You can bring anything in to the party rooms to decorate it though we do ask you don't stick anything to the walls to avoid paint damage.

Yes, we can provide savoury platters of sandwiches and hot pastries as well as a delicious sweets platter. We also have gluten free and vegetarian options.

Please allow 10 days if you intend on adding any of these options to your party order. You can select these platters as an add-on when you are booking your party online. Our café staff will section off an area of the café where parents can enjoy their platters. You can even organise a coffee tab on the day.

Yes, you can take photos of your party group in your private party room upstairs but please refrain from taking photos of other children on the exhibit floor for privacy reasons.

We understand that under certain circumstances, you may need to cancel your party. We can issue you with a credit via a gift card to the value of the amount paid. Gift cards are valid for 3 years and can be used to book another party, book general entry for TwistED, or can be redeemed in our café and retail store.