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Please contact us to book a party for now due to social restrictions.

Social Distancing Science Parties at your place!

We’re excited to welcome you back, and bet you’re super excited about your party, but we need to do things a bit differently for now. Here’s how our awesome parties work:

Planning your Experiment and Everything Parties:
Choose from three super fun themes:
  • Lava Lamps
  • Bath Bombs
  • Bagooze Slime
At the party: 
We will supply sanitiser to every guest, including adults, and ask that everyone uses it before starting.
Every party guest gets their own clean set of equipment, including a fresh labcoat and safety glasses.
Shared resources will be kept to a minimum, and everyone still gets to take their creations home!
We’re limiting the party to 15 guests including the birthday child and any siblings.
We will do our best to maintain a safe distance between our party host and guests, but keep the fun level to the max!
Hands on fun at twistED will be different for some time, but our aim is still for you to be curious, create and connect with your family and friends!
We look forward to celebrating the Best. Party. Ever. with you!
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