Listen Up


Sound moves in straight lines. It is made from vibrations.

Sound travels as waves which change with the volume and pitch.

Sound waves become amplified inside a bell.

SESSION activities

  • Feel sound vibrations with tuning forks
  • Construct a device to prove that sound moves through the air
  • See that sound moves and the waves vibrate a surface
  • Discover Lissajous patterns
  • Understand volume and pitch

SCIENCE EDUCATOR demonstrations

  • Demonstrate that sound travels and is invisible
  • Sound moves through the air
  • Visualize the sound waves
  • Demonstrate that sound moves through many medium
  • Demonstrate how pitch changes with length

STUDENT experiments

  • Feel vibrations
  • Construct a sand drum
  • Note that the surface of the drum moves when loud noises are created
  • Construct an amplifier and discover how it works