Lizards at TwistED

At TwistED Science we really enjoy sharing our love of all things living with our visitors. We love our beardies very, very much and we take their care very seriously. If you are interested in what we do to take care of our animals, and perhaps some tips for you to take care of them at home, please read below!


We have a heat lamp and UV lamp in both enclosures. These are connected to a thermostat and on a timer to maintain a comfortable environment for our lizards.

The enclosures meet the size requirements outlined by the Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals.

Our enclosures are ventilated to prevent excessive humidity.

We use a sand substrate as it mimics the natural habitat and does not swell if accidentally consumed so is safe for our lizards.

Hygiene and Food

We remove waste and uneaten food every day. We also replace the water, clean the water container and clean the food bowl. The containers for food and water are heavy enough to prevent them being knocked over by the lizards.

Bearded Dragons are omnivorous - they eat a range of insects and veggies. We provide additional vitamins such as calcium in their water, on their crickets, and there are other essential nutrients in their dragon pellets. We feed our dragons every day with a range of foods, including pumpkin and rocket and they always have pellets available to eat.


When handling bearded dragons, it's important to support the front and back legs and the underside so they feel secure. All staff that handle our dragons are trained to handle them safely. We make sure to give our dragons a place to explore and stretch their legs - they often come into the offices with us for an adventure and chance to run around!