Sorry Everyone - No more travelling parties

you will now need to visit us for our famous science parties

It is with a heavy heart that I bring you the news that we will no longer be providing travelling science parties. We have travelled to thouands of homes, all over Victoria, for over a decade, to help you celebrate your children’s birthdays. We have loved every minute of it! Our staff and I have many fond memories of the times we spent with you. Thank you so much for inviting us to your homes to share our love of science with you.

We now have Science Centres in two locations that are continuing to grow. The demand for in-house parties at our new Moorabbin centre has been beyond expectation and with limited staff and resources we have decided to concentrate on what we do best, providing amazing experiences to those who visit out centres.

We will still be travelling for events and school incursions but for the TwistED Science party experience you will now need to visit us in Echuca or Moorabbin. Our in-house parties are really amazing and we would love to introduce you to host you at either centre.

Lastly, a huge thank you to all our amazing customers and science family that continued to book travelling parties year after year. We would never have grown TwistED Science to where it is now without your support.

Thank you so much!

Kathy Stubberfield

Founder and Managing Director - TwistED Science


In-House Parties

For more information on our incredible in-house parties please click the links below.

Only $9.95 each

Lab Rats Party Bags

We’ve taken away the sugar hit but kept all the fun so you can hand out a great take-home goody bag that won’t drive parents mad. Packed full of activities and science, they get the tick of approval from grownups everywhere!

$9.95 each

What’s Inside?

  • Diffraction Grating Glasses. Put them on to see rainbows everywhere!
  • An amazing Crystal Garden
  • 1 x Test tube and 2 x Pipettes for experiments
  • A slinky
  • A serve of sherbet and instructions for making your own
  • A Science Puzzle sheet plus pencils
  • A serve of popcorn
  • All in a Colourful Party Bag

Contents may vary

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