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Travelling science parties in and around Melbourne. Have them at your home, at a park, at a booked venue - anywhere!

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Kids science parties are a favourite , both for our team of Presenters and the kids they love to entertain and inspire. Science parties tick all the boxes for boys and girls parties with a bit of an edge. Every party has been designed and tweaked for many years to provide fantastic experience for everyone involved.

We are the science party experts and our Presenters are trained to provide the maximum amount of fun while still keeping everything under control. Fun and science all in one party! The kids may even learn a thing or two.

All Parties, Not Just Birthdays

Our kids science parties work equally well for other kids events too! Over the last decade we have modified our birthday parties to work fantastically well for events such as kindergarten visits, bar mitzvahs, christenings, family days, holiday programs and heaps more.

If you see a birthday party theme or experiment you like, please ask us and we would be more than happy to mould our party to be brilliant for any event you had in mind.

Social Distancing Parties at your place!

We’re excited to welcome you back for science parties at your place! We still bring hand sanitiser, fresh lab-coats and glasses, and try to give the kids as much space as possible. 

If you have any questions about our parties please contact us 🙂


The Alpha Party

The birthday child has an extra special role to play in the show and every child make something to take home.

The Alpha Party is perfect for the budding mini scientist. It is competitively priced at $395 for up to 20 children and $15/head for additional guests.

How does an Alpha Party work?

We start by getting the kids decked out in their lab coats and safety goggles before presenting a mini science show which includes a big happy birthday for the Birthday Child.

Now its Experiment time! The laboratory table will be stacked with pipettes, syringes, test tubes, stirrers, plates, cups and heaps more gear to “science” their take home creations to life. Every child has their own set and will fully partake in the experimenting action under the careful guidance of our Presenters. Twisted Science are the party fun experts so every party will be a blast!

An Alpha Party Includes:

  • Two highly trained and amazingly fun Scientwist Presenters
  • 60 mins of hair-raising demos and hands-on science
  • A take-home science creation
  • Two trestle tables (you may need to supply extra depending on numbers)
  • Microphone and small PA if needed
  • Safety glasses and lab-coats to wear on the day
  • A memorable and fantastic party experience!

Optional Extras:

  • Party bags packed full of sciencey goodness
  • Take-home versions of our labcoats

Choose one of our Alpha party themes


Slime Strings (Borax Free)

What's Included?

Recommended Ages 6 y.o. – 12 y.o.

1. Starts with a 20 min show to get the kids warmed up, go over some rules and say happy birthday!

2. 35 mins of polymer slime string making using pipettes syringes and test tubes. The slime strings are made by combining a sodium alginate solution (that we make ourselves) with a calcium chloride solution. Watch as the contents of the syringe set into the shape of worms as they hit the calcium chloride solution! Can you make worm eggs? Who can make the longest worms and strings?
Can you make multi-coloured strings?

3. A 5 min water rocket launch to finish!



What's Included?

Recommended Ages 4 y.o.- 9 y.o.

1. A 10 min bubble show explaining why bubbles are round. We also go over some quick rules here and say a big happy birthday!

2. 20 mins of bubble making including bubbles in the air and bubbles on our bubble mats. Kids can make all sort of patterns and towers of bubbles. They can also experiment with rolling marbles through bubbles without popping them. They might even be able to make a square bubble!

3. 15 mins of making a bubbleator. This is the take-home bubble making machine that can make a huge tower of tiny bubbles.

4. 5 mins Finish with some giant bubble making using our awesome wandubbles and super bubble mix.


Super Slime

What's Included?

Recommended Ages 6 y.o. – 12 y.o.

1. Starts with a 20 min show to get the kids warmed up, go over some rules and say happy birthday!

2. 35 mins of the best slime making you’ve ever seen using pipettes syringes and test tubes. Slime comes in a variety of versions for you to choose. We use amazing dissolving PVA bags for our slime.

Slime making is always a hit.

3. A 5 min water rocket launch to finish!


Lava Lamps

What's Included?

Recommended Ages 5 y.o.- 11 y.o.

1. A 20 min show including some quick rules and a big happy birthday to the birthday child!

2. 35 mins of Lava Lamp preparation and activation. Make your lava lamps fuel to take home. Then choose your groovy lamp colour, add the oil and the bubble activating tablet to get the chemical reaction under way. Watch as the gas draws the coloured liquid to the top of the tube and drops it back again to start the whole process over again. A mini version of the lamps you’ll find in the shops!

3. Finish with 5 minutes of water rocket blst off action!

Fizzy Bath Bombs

What's Included?

Recommended Ages 6 y.o – 12 y.o

1. Mix some Sodium bicarbonate with Citric acid to give that famous bath time fizz! Now to make it really fun, add water, essential oils and your choice of colours to make your bath bomb unique!

2. Box up your bath products to take home.

90 minute parties

Need Even more Science?

Ask us adding a second experiment to your Alpha party to make it a 90 minute MEGA party!

Only $9.95 each

Lab Rats Party Bags

We’ve taken away the sugar hit but kept all the fun so you can hand out a great take-home goody bag that won’t drive parents mad. Packed full of activities and science, they get the tick of approval from grownups everywhere!

$9.95 each

What’s Inside?

  • Diffraction Grating Glasses. Put them on to see rainbows everywhere!
  • An amazing Crystal Garden
  • 1 x Test tube and 2 x Pipettes for experiments
  • A slinky
  • A serve of sherbet and instructions for making your own
  • A Science Puzzle sheet plus pencils
  • A serve of popcorn
  • All in a Colourful Party Bag

Contents may vary

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