Melbourne Parties and Events

  1. Please let us know if you or any participants have attended one of our events previouslyas we can adapt to make sure everyone gets a new experience. We have heaps of options and we love helping you choose an option that works best so please ask!
  2. For private parties and events, a deposit of $200 is required to confirm your bookingand the balance will be due before the event. Deposits are unnecessary for libraries, schools and other large institutions.
  3. Travel costs will applyfor venues further than 20km from Melbourne's CBD according to google maps.

Travel costs are:

  • $20 for 20 - 30km from CBD
  • $40 for 30 - 40km from CBD
  • $60 for 40 - 60km from CBD
  • $80 for 60 - 80km from CBD
  • $100 for 80 - 100km from CBD

Please ask about travel costs for further than 100km from Melbourne's CBD.

  1. We may need to update your invoice if you have additional numbers or you have extra travel so please let us get back to you before paying the full amount.
  2. The numbers of attendees may be changed up to two working days before the event. The type of event and the event theme must be confirmed at least 7 days before the event.