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During the school term: We are open Wednesday - Sunday and have 3 session times (1.5 hours each) 10:00-11:30am, 12:30-2:00pm, 2:30-4:00pm.

During School Holidays: We are open every day and have 3 session times (1.5 hours each) 10:00-11:30am, 12:30-2:00pm, 2:30-4:00pm.

Where is TwistED Science - Echuca?

We are just a short walk from the historical Port area (route map here) and the Echuca Moama Visitor Centre - the lovely 400m walk route map is here.
Two hour parking is right outside our door on Radcliffe St and Murray Esplanade or all day parking is available at the Echuca Moama Visitor Information Centre on Heygarth Street.
Bookings are essential! (And don't forget sneakers or closed toe shoes for the AR Climbing wall!)

For more information about everything that is twistED Echuca including entry to TwistED, special events, School programs, fun holiday programs, and Echuca Parties, please contact us.


Awesome AR climbing wall activity for kids and adults!

Visitors say its one of the best and most fun experiences at TwistED! You will too!

Grab a friend or bring the whole family. Augmented Reality, Gaming and Climbing all rolled into one big wall of fun! Its awesome, challenging, full-on active and we can even send you a video of your climb!

Don't forget your runners and socks!

Click here for information about accessability at Twisted Science Echuca


Meet and Eat at twistED!

Conquer the ‘yuk” factor and try an edible insect. You can wear your ‘I ate a bug’ sticker as a badge of bravery. You may be surprised! Luckily, its not a prerequisite of entry.

Meet some of our, not so tasty, live insect specimens. We have a range of some of the largest and most beautiful in Australia. It is, of course, a matter of opinion but we love them!

Bee Curious - its a bee's life!

Check out our observation beehive live in twistED or check in any day or time with Bee Cam!

  • Their sting has some benefits
  • They work harder than you
  • When they change jobs, they change their brain chemistry
  • Their brains defy time
  • They’re changing medicine
  • They can recognize human faces
  • They have personalities
  • They get buzzed from caffeine
  • They have Viking-like supervision
  • They can solve hairy mathematical problems
  • They’re nature’s most economical builders
  • They can help us catch serial killers


What's On at twistED Echuca?


We have a huge range of school workshop suitable for F-12.

Check them out! »

Kids Parties

Find your inner scientist with twistED HQ parties.

Let's party! »

Hands-on Hoilday Program science!

Enjoy a deconstructed Coffee or our unique Hot Choc Melts!!

twistED Steamer Package

Cruise the Murray river and play science with a great value package

Not just for the kids

Ask about our “After Dark” and Corporate deals!

AR Climbing Wall

It’s new to Australia, its FUN and its an all in one workout!

Annual Membership

Become a member and visit as many times as you like!

Funky Science Shop

Funky science shop- for the geek in you the twistED shop is stocked with science activities and games, the best place to find that quirky gift for your special someone.

twistED is a unique facility. We have a passion for science and a desire to showcase science in a new and creative way!

twistED is a unique facility. We have a passion for science and a desire to showcase science in a new and creative way!

Annual Memberships - play anytime!

twistED Annual Memberships

Want to visit TwistED Science year round? 

Annual memberships let you explore TwistED whenever you want, with unlimited visits throughout the year. Many of our members visit frequently allowing their children to enjoy the relaxed playing space. Our TwistED team are always on hand to help you make the most of your visits. 

Annual Memberships make the perfect gift for friends and family.

Family memberships cover 2 adults and up to 4 children from the same household. Or if you want to share in the fun with your grandkids, take up a Grandparents membership and bring up to 4 of your grandchildren at a time! 

All memberships include unlimited entry for 12 months PLUS 10% off all goods at the TwistED Science retail store.

*conditions apply


Family Fun Deal!

All Aboard! TwistED has teamed up with Murray River Paddlesteamers to bring you a great value family package!!

Create a virtual river & construct a flying machine. Test your reaction speed and challenge your family. Brave a bug tasting & build a unique Goldberg contraption!


Pilot a paddle steamer across state borders. Experience a bygone era & discover our native wildlife. A unique way to experience Australia’s oldest inland port.



TwistED Science is a science communication and education company that builds and runs science centres, delivers curriculum based hands-on workshops, hosts science parties, and presents science shows and activity stations at large events. We aim to share our love of STEM with the world while showing kids how much fun it can be!

TwistED Science centres are all ages, super hands-on "science museums". Designed for families and schools to play and learn STEM together, TwistED are fun for everyone, ages 0 - 105, and we love seeing grandparents having just as much fun playing and learning as their grandkids.

Everything is extremely hands-on at TwistED and we have taken everything out of the box so you can really touch, move, build and play with all of our stations. There aren't many screens or much to read because TwistED Science is all about learning, and having fun, by doing!

Our founder, Kathy Stubberfield, started TwistED Science as a way to share her passion for science with schools in Northern Victoria and Southern NSW. Soon after, TwistED Science (then called The Scientwists) started delivering science parties and eventually opened it's first Science Centre in Kathy's hometown, Echuca, Victoria. Kathy still runs TwistED Science and is tireless in her enthusiasm for igniting curiosity and excitement in STEM.

Yes absolutely! We have discounted pricing for schools, kinders and homeschool groups and we have curriculum based, hands-on workshops and shows to help you tick off the trickier parts of your curriculum. Our workshops are primarily based around the primary curriculum but we also have some for pre-school groups and high schools so please ask us! Please take a look at our education pages for more information.

Yes absolutely! We have been doing science parties for over a decade and we have many different options for parties at our science centres. Please check our party pages for more details.

Many people think of TwistED Science centres and activities as "for kids" and while we do focus primarily on primary school aged kids and their families, we pride ourselves on delivering something for all ages, from 0 - 105. We love it when adult groups come in without any kids and it's always amazing to see grandparents having just as much fun as their grandchildren. Our workshops and shows often delight adults just as much as kids (I mean who doesn't like explosions) and many mums and dads have spent hours building the perfect paper flying machine or rocket while the kids are off doing something else.

TwistED Science is really for anyone who is curious, creative and playful and while kids are probably a little better at playing than adults these days, we should remember Albert Einstein's quote, "Play is the highest form of research".

TwistED Science centres aren't really like other science museums because science museums are usually government funded and have an emphasis on reading, looking and listening. In contrast, every exhibit at a Twisted Science centre is designed to be touched, moved and played with. Our no-instructions policy (yes I know we do have a few helpful hints around the place) keeps words to a minimum and brings down barriers so visitors of all cultures, abilities and backgrounds can be included. TwistED Science is a place to experiment, explore, try things out and play!

We LOVE playing at TwistED Science and we believe playing is a vital part of creativity, inspiration and even the scientific method. We don't describe ourselves as a "playcentre" because when most people think of playcentres they think of indoor playgrounds that are only really suitable for pre-school aged kids. These traditional playcentres are designed for parents to sit and have a coffee while their children play and aren't designed for adults to join in. This is the complete opposite of TwistED Science centres. Everything at TwistED is designed to be just as engaging for adults as it is for kids. Families play together at TwistED Science and we even have adult groups and corporate groups coming in without children. So while we love playing and we are defintely a centre where visitors are invited to play with awesome science stuff, we don't call ourselves a "playcentre".

TwistED Science is a private company and does not receive extra government funding. All of our amazing staff and fascinating exhibits are paid for with revenue from ticket and event sales so thank you very much for supporting us!

While the two sites share some exhibits, there are quite a lot of differences between Echuca and Moorabbin. Echuca has the augmented reality climbing wall and the bee hive while Moorabbin has the bubble room and the rocket launcher. Moorabbin is bigger but Echuca is the much loved original TwistED Science. If you've only been to one and you have a chance to visit the other you should see the differences and similarities for yourself!