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Ordinary hours are Tue - Sun (closed Mondays) from 9am - 4:30pm.

Holiday Hours - We are OPEN MON - SUN during the school holidays!

family fun with hands-on science

We have scanned the universe for exhibits that would ignite you and your family's curiosity, and creativity and stimulate learning through STEM powered fun!

Our exhibits are deliberately designed not to intimidate or confuse, everything is up for touching and exploring to create your own unique TwistED Science experience.

Use augmented reality to discover how water flows, beat your friends in a reaction speed test, race balls in and around tracks and tubes, design and test your own paper flying machines, and get lost in the brand new dedicated bubble-making room.

no instructions policy

We are a little bit different to most science centres:

  • all exhibits invite interaction and can be enjoyed without the barrier of age, ability or culture. 
  • instructions are only included as a last resort and all exhibits are about doing and having fun!
  • we encourage you to touch, explore, get hands-on and have a go at everything
  • this is a place where both kids and adults can play, learn and make memories together

Our mission is to create a fun learning environment where children and families can be curious, create and connect with the world around them.

Keeping You Safe

Your safety is our first priority. We are extremely conscious of keeping everyone safe at TwistED Science during your visit.

  • We have 2 full-size roller doors opening to outdoors, fully fenced for child security but allowing a flow of fresh air into our exhibit areas.
  • Air purifiers are on site in smaller rooms and child friendly sanitiser stations can be found throughout the centre. 
  • We thoroughly clean after each session.

Gift Shop and Snack Lab Cafe

Our gift shop is full of science toys, puzzles and everything in between. Perfect for birthday presents and school holiday activities, we have something for all young budding scientists - the not so young ones too. You might even find some edible bugs to take home!

After (or during) your science adventure, take some time out and relax in our Snack Lab Cafe. Our coffee is responsibly sourced, roasted locally from 100% Arabica beans, and tastes amazing! We also have fun snacks to help re-energise you so you can get back to the rest of your day.

We even have special science drinks with beakers and conical flasks that look like real chemistry experiments. Try one out - if you dare!

blue, green and tangerine

The TwistED Science exhibit floor is split in to three main areas: blue, green and tangerine. blue and green are part of the general admissions ticket and can be accesed by all ages. tangerine is a private area designed especially for pre-school children - no big kids allowed!

Cocooned within tangerine is a cosy space especially for tots (under 2s). A well equipped parents room and  dedicated pram parking completes the experience. 

Take some time out on the platform and enjoy a takeaway coffee from the snack lab cafe. We know how tricky it can sometimes be with children, so we also allow you to consume home snacks on the platform, Please limit your table time. We do not allow hot foods from outside establishments to be consumed onsite and we ask that you do not host birthday parties on the platform. Ask us about party options!

You’ll also be close by and have a birds eye view of your little ones as they explore in tangerine. You are of course welcome to join your children  and create happy memories of playing together. Play is important for everyone, no matter the age. 

Easy Parking and transport

A short drive from South road, down Rowans road, you’ll spot the green and black of TwistED Science proudly crowning its new home.

We have over one hundred car parks and 4 bus parks on site to make it as easy for you as possible. Once you're parked, it’s time to start your science adventure.

Bus stop 822 (Isabella St/Rowans Rd) is a 4 minute walk or jump on your bike and travel by clean, green pedal power.

off-peak prices

3 hour session to exhibit floor (blue, green and tangerine)

  • Ages 6 - 105 years                    $   28.50
  • Ages 3 - 5 years                        $   15.50
  • Ages 1 - 2 years                        $     9.50
  • Ages 0 -12 months                           free
  • Concession                               $   22.50
  • Family of 4 (same household)   $   96.50
  • Extra with family ticket              $   15.50 

3 hour session to tangerine (under 5s area) - weekdays only

  • Adult and child combo ticket    $   18.00
  • Extra with combo ticket           $     9.00

peak prices

3 hour session to exhibit floor (blue, green and tangerine)

  • Ages 6 - 105 years                    $   35.50
  • Ages 3 - 5 years                        $   19.50
  • Ages 1 - 2 years                        $   12.50
  • Ages 0 -12 months                           free
  • Concession                               $   28.50
  • Family of 4 (same household)   $ 118.50
  • Extra with family ticket              $   19.50 

where is twisted science?

We are nestled in the heart of Moorabbin in the old Holmesglen TAFE campus at 22-36 Bulli Street, Moorabbin. 3 minutes off the Nepean Highway with easy access via Wickham Rd. Route map for large vehicles here. Look out for the "Science Museum" road signs! 

We have free parking for visitors, including school buses, on site!

If you are coming by public bus we are only 4 mins walk from the Isabella Street/Rowans Road bus stop on route 822. We are also only 2km from the Moorabbin train station and have bicycle parking facilities on site.

Opening Hours - Tuesday to Sunday

  • Tuesday 9am to 4:30pm
  • Wednesday 9am to 4:30pm
  • Thursday 9am to 4:30pm
  • Friday 9am to 4:30pm
  • Saturday 9am to 4:30pm
  • Sunday 9am to 4:30pm

To avoid disappointment, bookings are essential!

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TwistED Science is a science communication and education company that builds and runs science centres, delivers curriculum based hands-on workshops, hosts science parties, and presents science shows and activity stations at large events. We aim to share our love of STEM with the world while showing kids how much fun it can be!

TwistED Science centres are all age, super hands-on "science museums". Designed for families and schools to play and learn STEM together, TwistED centres are fun for everyone, ages 0 - 105.

Everything is extremely hands-on at TwistED and we have taken everything out of the box so you can really touch, move, build and play with all of our stations. We have kept the reading to a minimum because TwistED is all about learning by playing, having fun, and doing!

Our founder, Kathy Stubberfield, started TwistED Science as a way to share her passion for science with schools in Northern Victoria and Southern NSW. Soon after, TwistED Science (then called The Scientwists) started delivering science parties and eventually opened it's first Science Centre in Kathy's hometown, Echuca, Victoria. Kathy still runs TwistED Science and is tireless in her enthusiasm for igniting curiosity and excitement in STEM.

Yes absolutely! We have discounted pricing for schools, kinders and homeschool groups and we have curriculum based, hands-on workshops and shows to help you tick off the trickier parts of your curriculum. Our workshops are primarily based around the primary curriculum but we also have some for pre-school groups and high schools so please ask us! Please take a look at our education pages for more information.

Yes absolutely! We have been doing science parties for over a decade and we have many different options for parties at our science centres. Please check our party pages for more details.

Many people think of TwistED Science centres and activities as "for kids" and while we do focus primarily on primary school aged kids and their families, we pride ourselves on delivering something for all ages, from 0 - 105. We love it when adult groups come in without any kids and it's always amazing to see grandparents having just as much fun as their grandchildren. Our workshops and shows often delight adults just as much as kids (I mean who doesn't like explosions) and many mums and dads have spent hours building the perfect paper flying machine or rocket while the kids are off doing something else.

TwistED Science is really for anyone who is curious, creative and playful and while kids are probably a little better at playing than adults these days, we should remember Albert Einstein's quote, "Play is the highest form of research".

TwistED Science centres aren't really like other science museums because science museums are usually government funded and have an emphasis on reading, looking and listening. In contrast, every exhibit at a Twisted Science centre is designed to be touched, moved and played with. Our no-instructions policy (yes, I know, we do have a few helpful hints around the place) keeps words to a minimum and brings down barriers so visitors of all cultures, abilities and backgrounds can be included. TwistED Science is a place to experiment, explore, try things out and play!

We love using natural sunlight at TwistED Science and believe it significantly enhances the visitor experience by providing a sense of openness, spaciousness, and a connection to the outside world. The use of natural light can improve mood and well-being and also avoids sensory issues for those sensitive to artificial light in dark environments. Sunlight is fantastic! The only downside is that we need to make sure everything is super clean because our visitors can see everything – which isn’t really a downside of course, we love having super clean centres and our visitors love it too!

We LOVE playing at TwistED Science and we believe playing is a vital part of creativity, inspiration and even the scientific method. We don't describe ourselves as a "playcentre" because when most people think of playcentres they think of indoor playgrounds that are only really suitable for pre-school aged kids. These traditional playcentres are designed for parents to sit and have a coffee while their children play and aren't designed for adults to join in. This is the complete opposite of TwistED Science centres. Everything at TwistED is designed to be just as engaging for adults as it is for kids. Families play together at TwistED Science and we even have adult groups and corporate groups coming in without children. So while we love playing and we are defintely a centre where visitors are invited to play with awesome science stuff, we don't call ourselves a "playcentre".

TwistED Science is a private company and does not receive extra government funding. All of our amazing staff and fascinating exhibits are paid for with revenue from ticket and event sales so thank you very much for supporting us!

While the two sites share some exhibits, there are quite a lot of differences between Echuca and Moorabbin. Echuca has the augmented reality climbing wall and the bee hive while Moorabbin has the bubble room and the rocket launcher. Moorabbin is bigger but Echuca is the much loved original TwistED Science. If you've only been to one and you have a chance to visit the other you should see the differences and similarities for yourself!

Social Distancing parties at your place

Parties at Twisted Moorabbin

We have so many options for amazing science parties. Get ready to throw legendary parties!


School visits

Visit us or we come to you for amazing school science adventures!