Moorabbin School Excursions

We love education and have special packages and prices for schools, kinders, and home-school groups. Visit us with your group for an amazing, hands-on science experience. 

Explore our exhibits

At TwistED Science we thrive on curiosity, how things work, how they move and feel. Through interaction with our all-ages science centres and curriculum-based workshops, everyone can explore all the fun of science through play.

All of our TwistED Science exhibits are curated to be hands-on, engaging, high-energy and most of all simple to understand. We have scanned the universe for exhibits that ignite curiosity and stimulate learning through STEM-powered play! We would love to have you and your school or group visit!


Our background in laboratory research and education provide a unique platform to develop our own special brand of hands-on science. All sessions include exciting experiments that are guaranteed to bring a smile to every face.

We believe that getting hands-on is the best way to learn and we make sure all of our workshops are packed full of science equipment for the students to use. We also emphasise safe laboratory practices, so children get a true taste of life in a real science laboratory. All of our workshops are matched with Australian and Victorian curriculum codes to make choosing the appropriate workshop easy.

School excursion packages:

Our packages are designed with all schools in mind and our most popular package includes a 60 min curriculum based workshop PLUS 60 mins exploring our exhibits on the floor. 

  • Curriculum Based Workshop + Explore the Floor - 120 mins (min 15) - MOST POPULAR
  • Explore the Floor Session only - 60 mins
  • Explore the Floor Session only - 120 mins
  • Curriculum Based Workshop - 60 mins (min 15)

We can also tailor make an excursion to suit your needs. Contact us for more information and we’ll help make a package that works perfectly for you!

Facilities at TwistED Science

TwistED Science Moorabbin has been designed to make it easy for schools on excursion in every way. Facilities at TwistED include:

  • School bag storage areas
  • Lunch and recess areas
  • Wheelchair access to all corners of TwistED with ramps and a lift
  • Multiple toilet blocks including gender neutral toilets
  • Snack lab with great coffee and fun science snacks on site
  • Hand sanitiser dotted throughout the centre and air purifiers in workshop rooms
  • Bus parking bays and over 90 carparks in our own, designated carpark
  • A gift shop stocked with educational science puzzles, toys, and books

Bus drop-off and parking

A total of 4 bus bays are provided on-site for weekday use, and signage and line-marking is provided to manage the use of these spaces.

Bus access to TwistED Science is permitted from Bulli St to the south only. Buses cannot access TwistED Science from the north end of Bulli Street due to council stipulation i.e. right turns in to TwistED and left turns out of TwistED on to Bulli street are OK.

Buses accessing the site to/from the north can do so via Isabella St and Rowans Rd. Please forward attached map to your driver.

For more information about everything including entry to TwistED, science parties, school programs and special events, please contact us.


At Twisted Science, we are an explorative and interactive Science Centre. All our exhibits are hands on and offer the opportunity for your students to engage in free science play. For both you, and your students to get the most from your visit, we require that each staff member and parent helper actively supervise a group of 10 students throughout your visit and guide them through the available activities. This allows time to discuss the science behind the activity and ensures students behave in an appropriate manner.

We require a 1:10 ratio of adult to students and we ask that parent helpers do not bring younger siblings.

We ask that final numbers be confirmed 3 days prior to the excursion and the full invoice settled within 7 days of the excursion. We understand that on some occasions, last minute absences occur. A Preparation Fee of $7.50/absent head will apply to absentees on the day to cover workshop materials that would have already been purchased and prepared for your group.

Please call ahead to let us know if you have been delayed. One of our staff members will be out the front to greet you and direct your group to the meeting area.

Please ensure adults are actively supervising at all times - we encourage them to get involved with the action!
For this reason we discourage parent helpers from bringing younger siblings.

Yes we do have a COVIDSafe plan, please contact us if you would like details.

Staff are trained in all COVIDSafe procedures. In addition, there are several hand sanitising stations situated throughout our centre and air purifiers in workshop rooms.

Teachers, parent helpers and students are asked not to attend the centre if they have any Covid-19 symptoms or if they are required to self-isolate.

We have a grassy area at the front of our building which may be used for students to eat on site. In wet weather, we also have a common room which you are welcome to use.

If you intend to eat lunch on site, please let us know ahead of time so that we can be organised for you.

We have our awesome snack lab on site for delicious coffee, toasties, muffins and fun science themed drinks. The snack lab is not a full service cafe and is not set up for cooked meals. You are most welcome to purchase coffee and snacks during your visit - a teacher's favourite!

A total of 4 bus bays are provided on-site for weekday use, and signage and line-marking is provided to manage the use of these spaces.

Bus access to TwistED Science will be restricted, with buses permitted to access the site from Bulli St to the south only, i.e. right turns in and left turns out. Buses accessing the site to/from the north can do so via Isabella St and Rowans Rd. Please forward attached map to your driver.

All our workshops are designed for full participation and allow children to gain confidence in both science literacy and experimentation techniques. We offer curriculum based workshops in the Physical, Chemical and Biological Sciences. Please see our workshop page here for more information.

Generally, we try to limit TwistED to one school at a time but not always. Schools love coming to TwistED Science to explore all our science exhibits and take part in all our awesome workshops. So sometimes, you may be sharing the exhibit floor with other like-minded schools or members of the general public. Each school will have a private lab for their workshop and we will do our best to ensure that schools are in separate zones while exploring our exhibits, although this may not always be possible.

The floor is divided into the Blue and Green zones, each with their own unique hands-on, interactive exhibits. Our exhibit floor is designed to encourage children to make their own discoveries by being curious and creative in a casual setting where learning is open ended and fun. For this reason, there are minimal instructions in the playzone.

We will give teachers a handbook on entry that has some background information and challenges for each of our exhibits.

We sure do! We break large school bookings into smaller groups and rotate them through the workshops and playzones. We have a bunch of talented Scientwists who are passionate about sharing their love of science with your students so please speak with one of our staff for more details or email us at [email protected]

If you are unable to visit us at our centre, we also offer workshop incursions to your school. Please speak to one of our friendly staff or email [email protected] for a quote or more information.